An amalgam of broken pieces

Shoved and glued back together.

It’s not quite right

Something’s off.

All cracks and crevices

And missing bits…


But this is no tragedy.



Has more surface area for love.

More room to connect

Fluent in empathy

A master of compassion

So much taken.

So much more to give.



A humble soul

Resilient and vulnerable

Present and feeling

Scarred and lovely

A treasure not to look at,

But instead one to see.






To all of the people I’ve taken the time to look at, but never really saw.

Dear Broken Girl

Broken Girl,

I see you. Cloudy mind. Broken heart.

Lost Girl,

I know you. Invisible. Misunderstood.

Hopeful Girl,

I feel you. Daydreamer. Believer.

Sweet Girl,

I hear you. Empath. Caged bird.

Broken Girl,

I love you.

Broken Girl,

I am you.

Strong Woman,

You are me.