Snowflake Method

Outlining and the easily bored mind

After reading through various books, websites, and blogs, I realized if I want this novel writing thing to pan out, I needed to begin with an outline. I’d never done this before and all my other attempts to complete a book failed. It was definitely worth a shot. I settled on using Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method. I already had a notebook with some chunky ideas about where I wanted to go with the story before I started outlining. These ideas matured and evolved as I went through the steps of the Snowflake Method.

I didn’t follow each of his steps exactly (he notes repeatedly to do what works for you), but I pretty much began by writing a one sentence summary of my novel. That was challenging. The first “sentence” I wrote looked more like a paragraph. I felt pretty accomplished once I was able to condense it down into something concise yet still representative of my story. (more…)