The Temporary

This is nothing I haven’t seen.

Another back

Moving away from me.


I wonder how it feels

To do the leaving

To be the heartbreaker.


The other side of the coin

So foreign to me.

This side though…

I’m a decorated veteran.


Each time I’ve learned

Each time I’ve grown

But there’s something broken in me

I think.


There must be.


This is the role,

It’s destined for me.


The abandoned

The forgotten

The temporary.


I did not audition

But I play it well.


I fantasize


About trading places

With someone else


Living the life

Of someone else


But who would do that?


Who would

Who could…

Offer a stranger

A place in hell?




I like this title because the way it’s used in the actual poem is sad, but the word itself means not meant to last. So if you ever feel like you’re temporary or replaceable, remind yourself that those feelings are temporary. #rollercoaster (have I mentioned I hate those things?)