I Don’t Fit Well

I don’t fit well

Been here a while but

I don’t fit well

Thought I’d settle

Blend in


This place is too small

Your love is too big

So honest and so deep

Too clean

For a mess like me

There’s nowhere to hide

I’m exposed

I’m uncomfortable

I don’t fit well

We can’t force this


Been here a while but

I don’t fit well…

We don’t fit well.




Fun fact: I’ve never had to express feelings like the one in this poem. Sad fact: I’ve been on the receiving end a time or two or three. Interesting fact: all of those times (some major relationships, some sweet flings that were never meant to be), I’ve had to initiate the conversation that would ultimately result in me getting hurt because I could tell things weren’t right/the same… in fact, that’s a poem I need to work on haha