Sunday Adventure: Saving a Turtle

Here’s a fun story!
I was on my way to the grocery store when I saw a medium sized rock in the road. This was technically still inside my apartment complex and I thought I should probably move it. I glanced in my side mirror and inferred that since the rock seemed to have a tail and a head, it was actually a turtle. Genius. Now, I’m a lover of animals so there was definitely no way I was going to drive off with him still in the middle of the street. So, I pulled over and walked over for a closer look. Now, upon closer inspection, Mr. Turtle looked like the type to take a finger off — long tail, flared nostrils, spiky bits on the back of his shell. I checked my trunk to see if I had something to get him with. Angels sung as a golden light encompassed my lacrosse stick. A few seconds later, I stood there in the middle of the road, casually attempting to scoop a turtle with a lacrosse stick…. actually, that’s a lie. It wasn’t casual at all. After he bit my lacrosse stick, I’m pretty sure I screamed every time he jutted that head out, but Mr. Turtle did eventually find safety. I can only imagine what that scene might have looked like to someone looking from the window of their apartment 🙂

Mr. *Snapping* Turtle

Mr. *Snapping* Turtle