Month: September 2014

Well, I saw this one coming…

One of the main purposes for me making this blog was to keep myself accountable. I didn’t meet my writing goal for August. I actually failed quite miserably. The goal was 10,000 words and I wrote 5,003. I could tell by my pacing early on that I wasn’t on track to meet my goal, so no surprises there. The bright side? Forward progress was made. That’s always something to be proud of.
Now with work, grad school, and a big move on the way, making time to write will be hard (as it was even without those things to get in the way) but I’m not changing my goal yet. I’ll give it another month. If I’m still unable to churn out much more than 5,000 words, then maybe my original goal was too ambitious, and that’s okay.
I am planning to look at September as a fresh start, as in, my goal is still 10,000, not 15,000 in attempt to make up the slack from August.

Here’s to fresh starts! Hopefully September will bring me more success.