Managing Time

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’m struggling to balance work with keeping up with my writing. I’m a high school biology teacher so summer was the most perfectly beautiful, awesome time to immerse myself in writing my first novel… and many days were still a struggle! Now, the first week of school as a teacher is chaos, but as we get going, I’ll fall into a relatively comfortable routine. Still, teaching pulls a significant amount of time outside of work. I wake up around 5:30am most weekdays, get to work around 6:45, leave at 4 on a good day, get home, relax a bit, eat something, maybe grade a few papers and BAM it’s pushing 9pm and my eyelids are getting heavy. Let’s add on top of that that I’m three classes away from my masters degree in biology and I’ve got two classes starting week after next. Ah!! Let’s not even talk about what my days will look like once it’s time to put my lacrosse coaching hat back on.

It’s alot… but I did choose this life and I do love it! I also love writing and exercising that skill is new to me, but I am committed to find time for it, despite my busy schedule. Earlier last week when I realized juggling everything was going to be tough, I imagined just throwing away weekdays as time for writing and spending the entire weekend with my fingertips glued to the keyboard. Well, Saturday came and went and “fail” pretty much sums up how that went. Now it’s Sunday. Time to grocery shop, plan the school week, grade papers, and do my hair (that’s an adventure in and of itself, I’ve got a head full of high maintenance, long kinks and coils). I admire all the many writers out there who can do all this on top of raising children. I couldn’t imagine. I mean, I feel bad for not spending enough time with my cat. Y’all are superheroes. Y’all make me feel guilty for complaining… and in fact, I promise not to make another post filled with so much whining and excuse making, because I do understand that things could be so much tougher.

Anyway, I was starting to feel a little down as I realized achieving my goal of writing 10,000 words a month and finishing my first draft by the end of year was going to be much more difficult than I imagined. But then I saw this on Pinterest:



I saw this and it got me thinking positively again. Yes, it’d be best if I could find some time to write everyday, but instead of beating myself up because that’s not happening, I need to focus on what I can do, even if that means just building up all my ideas and popping them all out whenever I get the chance.

I decided that this was a favorable way to view my goal: 10,000 words a month means 5 strong writing days of month. That doesn’t sound so bad at all. Throughout the summer, I had many awesome days, usually tucked away in a coffee shop, where I spat out 2,000 words in two hours… and words I can be proud of at that! I’m not necessarily expecting it to go like every time but right now, that sounds achievable. I can do that, right? Right. Five really good days, or 3 really good days an few average ones. I will continue to try to find the time to write as often as possible, but this just makes my goal seem less daunting. It’s about taking something huge and making it feel manageable. It reminds me that it is OK if I’m not on top of it all of the time. I can still accomplish the things I want and I am so looking forward to doing just that.




  1. I totally understand what you mean about balancing your day and finding time to write…I like the chosen quote…that inspired you…

    1. Yea, I’m amazed at the way some people balance so many things. I know it takes lots of practice. I’m always finding inspiring quotes on Pinterest, even the smallest little things can help on a rough day.

  2. Be yourself and believe me, everything will always work out. Let know your heart desires and definitely it will pull things together.

    Re: James

  3. Its commendable your commitment towards your passion. Even at times, I feel too burdened up with life choices and choices of passion; but eventually a feeling of victory emerges, though that means sleepy eyes and tired mind.

    All the very best!!

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