Strange things that work

So, Friday as I got in the car to head home from work, I was slapped in the face with a rush of ideas for my book. Usually I’ll send myself a text message summarizing what I’m thinking if I can’t get to pen and paper, but there was just way too much going on in my head to fit in a couple of texts and it was way too hot in my car to put off driving. I started the car, got the AC going and backed out of my parking space. The ideas wouldn’t stop coming and they were too good to let go of, so I just started talking. It was like I was telling someone all about my story and the world I’ve built and how things work in it, only, there was no one else the car. I talked to myself for twenty minutes straight. I was pretty disappointed that talking to yourself isn’t socially acceptable when I stopped off at the grocery store, but by the time I got home, I was able to get my ideas down. 🙂

Do you guys do anything strange, awkward or quirky that pertains to your writing process or am I alone in this?




  1. No one comes close to being quirkier than me when it comes to writing process. So many, I can’t enumerate. I’ve done what you did, but only at home or in the car. Not anywhere public where it would seem abnormal. In the car, you could be talking on a two-way phone from your dashboard. And I don’t look at it as talking to myself, only an outsider would see it that way.

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