The struggle is real

I’ve had a rough time writing as much as I’d like to lately. I could give twenty different excuses for not writing everyday but none of them are 100% legitimate so I’ll skip it. The bright side is I have made some forward progress and I really enjoy writing when I’m able to get into a flow. That’s big. When I was stressing over making certain word counts, I found writing less enjoyable. I think I need to find a balance between writing organically and maintaining some degree of structure. I’m sure a big part of what makes it enjoyable or not has to do with whatever scene I’m working on. I spent a good bit of time writing chaos and despair and got a bit frustrated with it. Now my main character has just met her future love interest and it’s been fun trying to plant the seeds for that. It’s refreshing to bring her a bit a peace after a rough start, unfortunately it will be short lived but… that’s how the story goes. 🙂

Anyway, in the spirit of changing things up when they aren’t working, I’m going for setting random goals instead of the same old thing day after day. Random goal #1 : hit 20,000 words by this time next week. I’m currently at 17,463, so that goal isn’t very big, but grad school has been demanding and I’m not sure what will be going on for July 4th weekend. The World Cup is still a huge part of my life right now (despite the downfall of my beloved USMNT yesterday) but at least it’s not 3 games a day everyday anymore.

I’m gonna get this manuscript done, however long it takes.




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