Oops… but GO USA!!

I woke up at 8am yesterday, super pumped for World Cup Group G play. Germany was to play Portugal at 12 and I had a doctor’s appointment at 10:30. In the extra time before/after my doctor’s appointment, I added a total of 55 words to my draft and spent about an hour adding to my outline. The morning/afternoon was spent napping and watching the early games. At four, the bf and I headed out to a great bar (Brewhouse Cafe for soccer fans in the Atlanta area) to watch the game. We were there at 4:30 and the game started at 6 but it was PACKED. I laughed when I saw that the maximum capacity sign said “120 persons.” Right. People were spilling into the street. It was awesome… but it was also over 90 degrees, with no where to sit and no good view of the game. We squeezed around, hopelessly asking if random seats were taken before eventually landing in the edge of the parking lot, trying to convince ourselves that that particular spot “wasn’t that bad.” Finally, my boyfriend took a look at his phone and said, “If we leave right this second, we can make it home before kick off.” I was on the move immediately. It sucked to leave the fun energy of the crowd, but it would suck more to not be able to see the game… or pass out from heat exhaustion half way through.

We made it home just as the national anthems began and settled into the couch. Just before kick off, the commentators were talking about USA’s tendency to give up early goals. Our team was apparently ready to turn that tendency around because Clint Dempsey scored 34 seconds into the game. Nice. The next 81 minutes were torture. We were up a goal but Ghana dominated possession. I was tense and stressed as Jozy Altidore went down with a pulled hamstring and Dempsey took a kick to the face that ended in a bloody, broken nose. Ghana pushed and pushed and we managed to keep holding them off (with much thanks to Jermaine Jones), but it was clear that it was only a matter of time before something broke open for The Black Stars. That moment came in the 82nd minute when Andre Ayew found the back of the net. The chants of “I believe that we will win,” from the USA fans in the crowd didn’t stop, but I’m sure we’d all added in our minds “but if we don’t, let’s please at least get out of this with a draw.” Luckily, John Brooks, a halftime sub, brought a glorious moment to USA fans only four minutes later with a lovely header off a set piece. We kept our lead through the rest of the match, including an absolutely grueling five minutes of stoppage time.

Celebrations ensued, writing did not.

I’ve got some work to do and I’m off to go do it. I’ll check in later today.



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