Daily Word Count Check In

Well, I ended up hitting my 10,000 word mini-milestone today. 🙂 I’ll post tomorrow about how I choose to commemorate the small achievement. I’m not sure if I mentioned it previously but my novel would fall into the  young adult dystopian genre. I’ll be headed to the bookstore soon to stock up on some summer reads and I welcome any recommendation of books that fall into that category! I hope I can take more out of the books I read, now that I’m fully committed to writing my own. I also plan to go back and re-read some YA dystopian books I own. It’ll probably be easier to fochttps://elledesa.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpus on pacing and how the authors approach certain content when I’m not experiencing the plot for the first time.

Previous word count: 9134

Current word count: 10,061
Today’s Progress: 927

Weekly Progress thus far: 3890
Challenges: I had some hiccups when it came to expressing movement today. My protag was in the woods and ran into a few different people. I found myself stumbling over how to orient the reader (she’s behind the tree, now she’s walking, wait she’s hiding again, now she’s backtracking) without sounding dry or repetitive. I think I worked it out well enough for now but it will definitely need some cleaning up later.




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