Celebrating mini-milestones?

I’m feeling very proud as I quickly approach the 10,000 word mark. Again, for me, a chronic starter-not-finisher, every word I put on the paper is an accomplishment and step closer to a big dream. I’ve put a few things in place to help ensure my success, like daily word count goals and check-ins (to keep myself accountable). I’ve taken the time to cater my approach to outlining and drafting to best suit my personality and I’ve let close friends and family know what I’m up to for outside encouragement. I need more of these “success-ensurers”… or maybe I don’t, but more sure won’t hurt. So, I was thinking about celebrating every 10,000 words of text. Maybe it’s cheesy but I’ve been proud of my progress everyday this week. I’ve even managed to blog 4 days in row, which isn’t much but I’ve dropped new things faster in the past. Anyway, I’ve been very proud but I know the low moments are waiting for me. Celebrating small accomplishments will hopefully be a motivator. Without diving into the drama final word count has been causing me, I should have eight to ten little celebrations by the time I finish this draft.

How should I commemorate my small accomplishments? If I keep my goal pace, I should hit 10,000 words… tomorrow.




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