Daily Word Count Check In

Today was a lovely day! I got some grad school work done early in the day and then enjoyed the World Cup opener with my boyfriend. By 9:45 at night, I’d only written 30 words. Oops. I thought about putting it off since I exceeded my goal yesterday but I got really excited about the scene I had coming up. By 10:30 I’d written about 600 more words (with short breaks to watch bits and pieces of Chopped).

Previous word count: 8485

Current word count: 9134
Today’s Progress: 649

Weekly Progress thus far: 2963
Challenges: I’m starting way too many sentences with I! It’s driving me insane but the real challenge is letting it be for now. I have to remember my focus: Plot, plot, plot. Perfecting the writing comes later. I know, I sound like a broken record with that, but the struggle is real! I think if I can do it relatively quickly, I’ll fix the “I” issues as I go (I need to challenge myself a little), but the point is not to dwell on it.




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