Daily Word Count Check In

So, as the title suggests, I plan to do a daily word count check in and discuss the progress I made and/or challenges I faced with my writing. I plan to do these at the end of the day. This one is for yesterday as I didn’t start writing until late in the evening.

A little bit about my novel:

It is set in a devastatingly overpopulated world a few decades in the future. My protagonist is an 18 year old young woman that has struggled with anxiety since the passing of her father (the crowded city streets do not help with this). Food, water, and housing shortages make for stressful lives, but my protag and her small group of friends and family create their own bubble of stability. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when a strange and deadly disease breaks out. My protag is forced to face her anxiety head on while trying to figure out the truth behind the search for a cure.

I’ve been working on a scene that takes the reader through the progression of the disease via an infected character. It’s been really hard! There are many complex emotions that I have get smoothly on the paper… Actually, scratch the “smoothly.” That’s something else I struggle with. I’m constantly trying to edit as I go. I’ll rewrite a sentence ten times when at this stage I should just be getting my story down. I imagine I’ll be bringing up that challenge many more times (this is already the second time).

Previous word count: 7086

Current word count: 7524
Today’s Progress (6/10): 438

Weekly Progress thus far: 1353
Challenges: writing death and the emotions that surround it, writing freely

I’ll be back later with an update for today. Then I should be on track for one post like this per day.




  1. Doing a word count check in probably is a great idea to force yourself to write daily! Your story sounds pretty interesting, by the way. Writing is hard, it is a struggle, but just keep going and do not rewrite a thing before that manuscript is finished! Just don’t look back… I know, it’s difficult, but it’s probably for the best. Maybe you shouldn’t look at the screen or something. Yeah, that doesn’t work, but you get the point. You can do it!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I have actually inserted a temporary page break before to keep my eyes away from sentences or paragraphs that nag at my brain. It helps! I have to set little goals/deadlines for myself or my procrastinator/slacker mentality will destroy any chance of finishing this thing, even with all the planning I put in on the front end. I’m thinking about celebrating every 10,000 word milestone. Gotta make it fun and have something to push for in the short term.

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