Daily Word Count Check In

I just finished up writing for today. I completed the death scene I started yesterday and that’s about all I can say about it… it’s done. It was like pulling teeth to get it out and it’s about as unattractive as a toothless mouth on a grown man. Luckily, the scene itself didn’t need forcing, only my lazy brain did, but I’m all about getting into a routine and making forward progress right now. I’m glad that I pushed myself and actually ended up exceeding my word count goal for the day. I’m left feeling quite sad for my protagonist though. She is having a rough time with the death of this other character. I feel kind of bad for leaving her right in the midst of pain. Is that weird? We’ll see if I can bring her a little joy tomorrow (I actually know this won’t be happening as I already have it all outlined, but my protagonist is the hopeful sort… well, she’d like to be).

Previous word count: 7524

Current word count: 8485
Today’s Progress: 961

Weekly Progress thus far: 2314
Challenges: Resisting the urge to curl into a ball and nap on the couch


WORLD CUP SOCCER STARTS TOMORROW! 😀 … That will likely challenge my writing time for the next few weeks.


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