Small Goals

I mentioned in a previous post that I sometimes have trouble finishing what I start. To help with this, I try to set small, attainable goals. Right now, the goal for my current novel is to write an average of 500 words a day, minimum. That’s not much at all, but I need to set myself up to be successful. 500 words a day. I can do that. I could do that or I could write 1000 words every other day. It doesn’t matter how I get there, but at the end of the week, I want it to average out to at least 500 per day. Sunday I didn’t have a goal set so my weeks shall begin with Mondays. Monday I wrote 915 words. As of right now (5:21pm), today I’ve written zero (I did write over 1500 words worth of blog though). I’ll check in tomorrow with my progress. At the end of the week, if I have surpassed my goal significantly, I’ll change it. If I fail to meet my goal… well, I really I need to step up my game. :-/


Current word count: 7086

Current struggle: free writing- first drafts don’t have to be (and won’t ever be) perfect





  1. Good luck. Goals (or for me as a freelance copywriter–deadlines) are important. I too have started my first novel. Somehow it’s harder to get to it every day even when I have time because it’s not a “paying” gig. (Don’t even bother visiting my blog–it has little to do with writing, mostly political stuff and I haven’t posted in a few months–see trying to work on my novel instead!!)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’d imagine it’d be more difficult when your hobby doubles as your career. I teach biology but sometimes it’s a struggle for me to do/read anything biology related outside of work, despite my love for the subject.

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